# Title: Fix Windows Search Index # Date: 03-Dez-2018 # Author: Matthias Tschopp # Version: 01 # 1st step – stop Windows Search service $Statusservice1 = (Get-Service -Name WSearch).Status If ($Statusservice1 -eq „Running“){ Stop-Service -Name „WSearch“ } # 2nd step – remove existing Windows search index file $EDB = (Test-Path $env:ProgramData\Microsoft\Search\Data\Applications\Windows\Windows.edb) If ($EDB -eq „True“){…„Powershell – Rebuild Windows Search Index“ weiterlesen

Set-NetFirewallRule –name <rule name> –enabled True To obtain the Windows PowerShell names for the preconfigured rules in Windows Firewall, use the Get-NetFirewallRule command. The resulting commands to enable the four rules:   Set-NetFirewallRule –Name ComPlusNetworkAccess-DCOM-In –enabled True Set-NetFirewallRule –Name RemoteEventLogSvc-In-TCP –enabled True Set-NetFirewallRule –name RemoteEventLogSvc-NP-In-TCP –enabled True Set-NetFirewallRule –Name RemoteEventLogSvc-RPCSS-In-TCP –enabled True